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How Sell-Your-Laptops erase your hard drive (erase hard drive)

We’ll securely wipe your hard disks to the government standards, meaning there won’t be any problems of your delicate data getting recovered unlawfully at some stage in the near future. Our software makes certain this is all done without any intervention as well as safely and securely. So sell your laptops to us today in the UK.

Hard drives have a disc inside of them abit like a cd/dvd and they have layers of data called sectors which all contain 1’s and 0’s known as binary code then there is a read/write arm above the platters (cd/dvd), inside your hard drive when the buffer/arm reads the binary 0’s 1’s it sends this to the read controller which in turn changes the coding into your data.

For more of a technical explaination of how hard drives work click how hard drives work

Most sell laptop company’s that buy laptops online simply format the disc which changes all those 1’s and 0’s to just blank spaces which in turn means this data is still there as it hasn’t been destroyed.  If the hard drive is sold on, it’s very easy for someone to get your data back with off the shelf software programs. use a 3-5 pass system which re-writes over those blank clusters ensuring your data has been destroyed, and is 95% unrecoverable.

If you’re still unsure, please retain your hard drive for complete peace of mind.

Hard Drive Erase Program