Can I sell my laptop which has been water damaged to Sell-your-laptops.co.uk?

Yes, we won’t pay as much for your laptop if it didn’t have this type of damage but we will still buy it, submit your quote now.

What if my items get further damaged in the post?

Your claim would lie with the carrier you used to send your goods in. You would have to contact them, however we will endeavor to help you with this should this occur.

Can I sell more than 1 laptop to you at the same time?

Yes not a problem, just wrap them up together get your quote from us, and send them in to sell-your-laptops.co.uk for your cash.

Is my data safe with sell-your-laptops, because I have sensitive data on my drive?

Yes it is, please click hard drive erase this will explain how we remove your data and delete it before recycling your laptop.

How long until you pay for my laptops?

We will endeavor to issue a payment to you within 24 hours of arrival of your laptop/netbook/notebook. However during busy times it may take upto 72 hours, but don’t worry we’ll keep you fully updated.

I have a laptop to sell for a friend, is this ok?

While we would love to buy your friends laptop, we are only able to buy laptops that are sold by the owner only, however your friend is welcome to send in their laptop by themselves we’d welcome this.

What should I use to package my broken laptop uk?

Anything that can add protection while in transit will help, old boxes / screwed up paper / plastic carrier bags (better to reuse them than bin them. / Old newspapers / Bubble wrap. Need any more ideas email info@sell-your-laptops.co.uk

My question isn’t listed and I think it’s a popular query that should be written here, can I get it added?

We’ll consider this for you, and we’d be extremely grateful if you’d tell us your suggestion please email info@sell-your-laptops.co.uk Thank you.

Do you buy netbooks?

Yes we do just like notebooks/laptops/slate pcs/tablet pcs/Mac books we would love to offer you a cash amount today for your computer broken or working.

I still Have Data on my hard drive I need recovering for example my photos?

Sure, no problem send your laptop to us and we’ll copy your data across onto a CD-R/DVD-R Disc and return it for a maximum charge of just £20 however you don’t need to pay a penny we’ll take it off the quote amount and send it back to you and as a goodwill gesture for choosing www.sell-your-laptops.co.uk. we will transfer your pictures to disc for free. Documents and others are charged at £10 flat rate fee. (Free transfer of your pictures from your laptop to a disc)

Ive already had a quote for my broken laptop from another company can you beat this?

Yes there is a good chance we will offer the top quote anyway! Give Us (SellYourLaptopsUK) a try and make sure you don’t lose out on the best deal yet!