How do you receive a quote from us?

Well here @ we like to keep things on a personal 1 to 1 basis we have one central system which our professional team will quote your laptop from its the asset to our business it’s a Dell Inspiron model 530 Quad-Core CPU version Q6600 running @ 2.4GHz, It runs 1TB (1000GB), hard drive and a hugely excessive 8GB ram.  What’s all this for you might ask?  It’s actually nothing more than a hugely over powerful business machine which in honesty we don’t need but it certainly ensures we can deliver “given internet uptime” prompt responses to your emails to quote cash for your laptop or net book, or any other mobile machine you want to dispose of.

We’re here to serve you as a customer on a 1to1 basis and ensure you receive a great service from us which is fast and efficient and offering you a fair price for your laptop, netbook, macbook or other.

You’ll be sure to get a fair price for your machine whether your laptop is broken or working we will buy your laptops provided they are less than 6-7 years old.

Some laptop for cash sites offer huge quote prices so that you accept their price, then you find when you send off your laptop that they reduce it, we try our hardest not to reduce the quotes we offer and pay on time and the price we originally quote, if we cannot do this we will return your laptop FREE.

Be safe when selling your laptop do your home work, we have many reputable reviews online and we have excellent communication skills.

To sell laptops is easy with

We hope to hear from you soon.